Professional Motor Manufacturer Since 1995

Jiangtian Group is a professional motor manufacturer with 28 years of history and has an annual capacity of 300,000 units.
It has a very high industry position in the field of permanent magnet and asynchronous motor technology and ranks among the top three in terms of market share.

Low Voltage, Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

It has a rated voltage below 1000 V with high efficiency. It is usually at 380 V and can also be customized according to the customer's requirements...

Explosion-proof Motor

It is a flameproof motor that our company specifically created for the explosive gas environment...

Three Phase PM Synchronous Motor

It is a motor developed by our company with rare-earth materials in response to the national call for energy savings...

High Voltage Three Phase Asynchronous Motor

It has a high rated voltage of 6 KV and 10 KV, with the advantages of being lightweight, good rigidity...

Servo Motor

It has a high-precision encoder that controls speed and position with high precision...


More Thoughtful Motor Solutions for Your Industry

Powerful and long-lasting power for a wide range of industrial equipment.

Professional Development, Production and Sales of Motors

Jiangtian Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. (Jinhua Jiangke Power Co., Ltd.) was established in 1995, covering an area of 35 acres. Our company employs over 600 people, including 50 technical research and development specialists. The product line has ten series and more than 1,000 specifications, covering YE3, YE4, and YE5 series high-efficiency motors, permanent magnet motors, explosion-proof motors, high-voltage motors, variable frequency motors, servo motors, and so on. They are widely used in air compressors, fans, pumps, mines, papermaking, chemicals, etc. Our annual capacity for all types of motors is up to 300,000 units and 8 million kilowatts.

Benefits from Cooperating with Us


Rich Experience in Production and Sales

We have been focusing on the production and sales of motors for nearly three decades.

Strong Self-making Ability of Motor and Spare Parts

We have more than 200 sets of special equipment, such as various machining centers, high-speed punching machines, automatic inserting machines, vacuum dipping paint machines, assembly lines, etc.

On-time Delivery

We can deliver promptly according to customer requirements.

Stable and Reliable Product Quality

Our products hold a higher position in the field with powerful and dependable performance.

Every Motor, Safety Guaranteed

Our company has material analyzers, a silent test room, the CNAS national test station, and other testing facilities. We have established a whole set of quality control systems, from raw materials to finished products. Moreover, we have passed ISO 9001 quality management, 45001 occupational health, 24001 environmental management, 3C, CE, and other certifications.

Reach Greater Business Heights by Partnering with Us

By cooperating with us, you can continue to get stable and efficient motor products on time.

Experience the Best Service with Us

Custom Production

We can produce the motors according to your requirement.

Various Unique Motor Designs

Various special motors can be designed according to your requirements.

Ideal Delivery Time

Goods can be delivered timely according to the customer's requirements.

Timely After-sales Service

Any feedback and complaints can be dealed with within 24 hours.



Air Compressor

An air compressor is a kind of device that takes in air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at a higher pressure.

Draught fan

A draught fan is a fluid-driven device that uses mechanical energy input to raise gas pressure and send the gas side by side.

Water Pump

A water pump is a machine that carries or pres surcharges liquid. Mainly used to transport liquid including water, oil, acid and alkali solution, emulsion, suspension emulsion, and liquid metal.

Mining Machine

Mining machinery is directly used for mineral mining and rich selection operations, including mining machinery and mineral processing machinery.

Paper-making Machinery

A paper-making machinery is a machine including raw material preparation, pulping, and paper-making until made into a drum or flat finished products, as well as processing paper and cardboard machinery.

Chemical Machinery

Chemical machinery can be generally divided into grinding series (grinding machine, colloidal grinding, ball mill, three roller grinder, etc.); coating complete equipment; kneading series; mixing series; reaction series; emulsification series; mixing series; dry mortar equipment; filtration series, etc.


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