Research and Development

R&D: Monitoring Changes from a Medium to Long-term Perspective

With the development of science and technology, technological innovation and scientific progress have become essential parts of the sustainable development of industrial enterprises.

Considering the development trends and the need for transformation and upgrading, our company has established an innovative system with the technology center as the core. Under the advantages of the company’s existing resources, we always maintain information sharing with various departments, partner institutions, and centers.

At the same time, we promote the integration of technology, talents, and other aspects, the training of skills with technology, and maintain the vitality of enterprise scientific and technological innovation to promote the sustainable development of enterprises.

Our Competences

Our company attaches great importance to technological innovation, with a strong R&D team of more than 30 experienced technologists. More than 100 patents have been obtained by cooperating closely with related scientific research institutes and universities, which is honored by a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial science and technology enterprise, and a provincial specialized new enterprise.
Technical Consultation

We will respond to inquiries on product technology within 24 hours on a working day.

Our future

Our company is developing the magnetic group motor, the high-speed permanent magnet motor.

Our Competences

Our company pays close attention to developing new environmental protection materials at home and abroad and more firmly takes the “production, study, and research” combination road.

Information Construction

Our company has increased its investment in information construction, establishing the analysis and simulation model of permanent magnet motors to obtain the best scheme for permanent magnet motors.

R&D Center

Our R&D center has introduced various scientific research equipment for researching, developing, and testing our products, which includes a high-efficiency motor test station, an automatic motor test device, a comprehensive stator tester, etc. And we have established a long-term cooperative relationship with the Shanghai Electrical Appliance Research Institute to gain access to a bigger development and testing platform.

Achievements in Scientific Research

In recent years, our company has carried out a series of research and development projects, which include research and development of air compressor integrated permanent magnet motors, the JPM series of highly efficient permanent magnet motors, permanent magnet-magnetic resistance hybrid synchronous motors, permanent magnet motors of high speed and smaller frame numbers for air compressors, etc.

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