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Services on the Technical Level

Technical Consultation

We will respond to inquiries on product technology within 24 hours on a working day.

Technical Drawing
We can provide the technical drawing according to the customer’s requirements.
Technical Design
We can design special motors according to the customer’s requirements.
Test Report
We can provide a qualified product test report before our customers receive the product.

Services that Drive Your Business Capabilities

Provide A Quotation Within 24 Hours

During the working day, our customer service will remain online and be able to respond to inquiries and offer quotes within 24 hours.

Provide Spare Parts for Sales

We also sell spare motor parts to customers who need them.

Reply to Customer Complaints Within 24 Hours

During the working day, our customer service is available 24/7, and we will respond and offer solutions within 24 hours.

Free Spare Parts During the Warranty Period

We provide free replacement of spare parts during the defined warranty period.

Warehousing Services

We have a finished goods warehouse of more than 10,000 square meters, which can store over 20,000 finished motors.

Certificate Of Origin

We can provide various certificates of origin, such as CO, FORM A, etc.

Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is your delivery time?

Usually the leading time is 25-30days. If the products you ordered is in stock, they might be shipped immediately. You’d better contact us to check if it is available in our warehouse.

What transportation modes can you provide?

We can provide the transportation modes by sea、by trunk、by railway.

How about the warranty time of your production?

Normal for 12 months, special circumstances can be extended.

Are the spare parts provided for free?

It is free during the warranty period.

Do you have any certifications?

We we have passed the ISO9001 system、 CE and CCC certifications.

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