High Quality Manufacturing at Scale

We are a motor manufacturer, which covers an area of more than 210 mu, with construction area of 120,000 square meters. We are one of the backbone enterprises of the small and medium-sized motor industry in Zhejiang Province, China.
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Brilliant Achievements in the Past nearly Three Decades

Since the establishment of our company, it has achieved greet results in the professional field. For example, our production of screw compressor motor has occupied nearly 20% domestic screw compressor motor market in China. And our permanent magnet motor production scale is among the top three in China. Besides, our annual output value of the small and medium-sized motor industry in the province ranks the top three. What’s more, our self-made rate of the main spare parts is above 95%. .

Continuous Invention Improvement

Constant Innovation and Development Our business will be dedicated to product innovation, development, and improvement. As we progress toward developing high-voltage, explosion-proof, low-speed, and high-speed three-phase PM synchronous motors, continuing to develop bigger power in high-voltage motors and increase the proportion of export sales. We will emphasize raising the market share of high-performance and super-efficient asynchronous motors.


Our Spirit

Embrace the competition and aim for excellence.

Our Vision

To be one of the top companies in the small and medium-sized motor industry.

Our Values

Be honest, dedicated, and cooperative to achieve win-win results.

Benefits from Cooperating with Us

Rich Experience in Production and Sales

We have been focusing on the production and sales of motors for nearly three decades.

Strong Self-making Ability of Motor and Spare Parts

We have more than 200 sets of special equipment, such as various machining centers, high-speed punching machines, automatic inserting machines, vacuum dipping paint machines, assembly lines, etc.

On-time Delivery

We can deliver promptly according to customer requirements.

Stable and Reliable Product Quality

Our products hold a higher position in the field with powerful and dependable performance.



Our company has obtained ISO 9001 quality management system, 45001 occupational health system, 24001 environmental management system, 3C, CE, and other certifications, which honor a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial science and technology enterprise, and a provincially specialized new enterprise.

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