Servo Motor

It has a high-precision encoder that controls speed and position with high precision. It includes the JSPM series and the JS series.

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JSPM Series Servo Motor
JSPM Series Servo Motor
  • High control precision
  • Low temperature rise, low current, large torque.
  • Small inertia, easy to improve the speed of unification in the system.
JS Series Servo Motor
JS Series Servo Motor
  • It is equipped with a high-precision encoder, meeting the requirement of controlling speed and position in high precision.
  • Strong overload capacity can be at 150% rated power in 30min , or at 30% rated power in 3min, reliable operation.
  • Ultra-low frequency start torque is large. It can be started at 1 rpm/min.Constant power range is wide, up to 8 times of the rated speed.
  • Rotor high precision dynamic balance adjustment to ensure stable and reliable operation, low vibration and low noise.

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Professional Development, Production and Sales of High Efficiency Motor

The company has over 200 sets of special equipment, including various machining centers, high-speed punching machines, automatic wire embedding machines, vacuum dipping paint machines, assembly lines, etc. With a strong capacity for the self-production of parts and components, we can produce 300,000 sets and 8 million kilowatts of various motors annually, such as low-voltage, explosion-proof, permanent magnet synchronous, high-voltage, and servo motors.

Every High Efficiency Motor , Safety Guaranteed

We employ more than 50 professionals in various quality management, inspection, and testing roles, of which 70% are above college level. We have established a complete quality control system from raw materials incoming to finished products, equipped with various material analyzers, silent test rooms, CNAS national experimental stations, and other testing equipment and facilities.

High Efficiency Motor Technologies


Which kinds of motor products can you produce?
We can produce all kinds of low-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors, explosion-proof motors, three-phase PM synchronous motors, high-voltage three-phase asynchronous motors, and servo motors of the 20 series.
How about the energy efficiency grade of your products?
Our products can meet levels 3 (YE3 and YBT series), level 2 (YE4 and YBT4 series), and level 1 (YE5 and PM series) of the energy efficiency limit value of the GB18613-2020 standard.
What is the power range of your motor?
We can produce a power range of 0.55–800 KW.
What is the protection grade of your motor?
We have IP23 ( LY, YTPM, and Y series) and IP55( YE3, YE4, YE5, and JPM series).
What is the voltage of your motor?
We generally produce 6000V and 1000V for high-voltage motors and 380 V for low-voltage motors. It can also be customized according to the customer's requirements.
What is the frequency of your motor?
We generally produce 50 HZ motors. It can also be customized according to the customer's requirements.
What kind of working environment is the motor suitable for?
Our motor working environment is -15 to 40°C and has an altitude below 1000 m. It can also be customized according to the customer's requirements.

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