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YP Series Three Phase Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (Horizontal Type Specially Designed For Air Compressor)

YP series three phase permanent magnet synchronous motor (Horizontal type specially designed for air compressor):This series is horizontal type permanent magnet synchronous motor of frequency conversion independently development by our company for horizontal bipolar machine head. Under the premise of high efficiency and high power factor of permanent magnet motor, the rotor is directly connected to the machine head to reduce transmission loss and improve overall efficiency.

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  • Special stator slot and rotor structure,low loss silicon steel sheet,high brand permanent magnet material, high utilization rate of magnetic field;The motor efficiency is higher than the first-level energy efficiency requirement of the energy efficiency standard gb30253-2013, and far higher than IE4.
  • The motor structure is semi-closed structure. The internal heat of the motor directly through the external air flow exchange and the heat exchange rate is high. The winding temperature and the magnetic steel are low.
  • Professional optimization performance design, small motor inertia, wide operating frequency, low speed running torque smooth no fluctuation.
  • It is specially designed for horizontal bipolar machine head.

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Widely Used in Various Industrial Equipment

Various Types can be Selected


Draught fan

A draught fan is a fluid-driven device that uses mechanical energy input to raise gas pressure and send the gas side by side.

Water Pump

A water pump is a machine that carries or pres surcharges liquid. Mainly used to transport liquid including water, oil, acid and alkali solution, emulsion, suspension emulsion, and liquid metal.

Mining Machine

Mining machinery is directly used for mineral mining and rich selection operations, including mining machinery and mineral processing machinery.

Paper-making Machinery

A paper-making machinery is a machine including raw material preparation, pulping, and paper-making until made into a drum or flat finished products, as well as processing paper and cardboard machinery.

Chemical Machinery

Chemical machinery can be generally divided into grinding series (grinding machine, colloidal grinding, ball mill, three roller grinder, etc.); coating complete equipment; kneading series; mixing series; reaction series; emulsification series; mixing series; dry mortar equipment; filtration series, etc.

Air Compressor

An air compressor is a kind of device that takes in air at atmospheric pressure and delivers it at a higher pressure.

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